What is Mead? A natural and delicious alcoholic drink. Created by fermented honey and water using yeasts and nutrients. Like wine is made from grapes. Or beer from hops.

Our Meads Are hand-made our onsite, on our own orchard. Using pure English honey and locally sourced spring water. In Appleknocker's case spring water is replaced with our very own apple juice. And with the help of yeasts and nutrients, the sugars slowly ferment away, turning into alcohol….Mead! Then, left to mature for many months Our fruity meads are further matured with fresh ingredients gathered from our orchard.

We do everything from harvesting, to applying the labels

Our Bee Biodiversity We work in harmony with nature,
supporting bee biodiversity. Here, in our vast orchard,
bee colonies pollinating our apple blossoms. Safeguarding
our apple crop and providing network support for other
species. They happily fatten up on nectar and kindly spare
honey for our meads. We also responsibly source additional
honey from the British Beekeeping Association. Every
bottle of Homegrown Hunnys Mead and Dreymans Cider
supports our orchard's ecosystem and biodiversity.

And of course you get the pleasure of drinking mead and cider too!

History of Mead Known as the world's oldest alcoholic drink. With evidence dating from 6500-7000 BC. And probably first discovered in a hollow tree. Where honey from a bee hive had become sodden by rainwater and naturally fermented with wild yeasts within the air.

"Drink of the gods"
Loved by the Greeks and the Vikings, to the Mayans and Egyptians. Ancient Greeks believed it was dew sent from the heavens and collected by bees. Many European cultures considered bees to be the gods' messengers, and mead was associated with immortality and magical powers, such as Olympus-level of strength and wit. Even Friar Tuck kept bees in Skep's and a belly full of Mead

"The Lovers Drink!" This is where the term "Honeymoon" derives from. During Medieval times newly-weds toasted their wedding and drank mead for a whole month to encourage good luck and fertility.

Want to host your wedding with mead too? Homegrown Hunnys can help you there.

Even, Queen Elizabeth was known to throw back a golden goblet or two!

Mead, is truly a drink savoured and worshiped throughout time.