How we make cider

Each of our ciders, are handcrafted with a specific blend of apples. Some are made from a single variety and some are made with a mixed variety. This ensures that each cider has a unique taste and full of rich character!

Dreymans cider is truly handcrafted. Carried out in our 5-STAR, food preparation facility, within the orchard.
So, we start our harvest. Hand picking tonns of apples!

The first apples ready for picking are the Discovery's. These juicy, red apples are harvested around late August. Then, followed according to their ripeness; Bramley, Cox's and Russets.
All our apples are hand-washed and quality checked for only the finest quality. Next, milling, where the apples are mashed to a pulp, called pomace; ready for pressing.

During pressing the pomace is put through our cheese press. The pomace is layered within hessian sheets, filling a frame and pressure is applied. Here, all their beautiful juices are squeezed out. And transfer to sterilised containers.
The apple juices are left. Allowing a slow, natural fermentation, and to mature until spring, ready for drinking…. Enjoy!