Welcome to Homegrown Hunnys Meadery and Dreymans Cider

A family orchard is located on the coastline of Nutbourne, West Sussex. Founded by myself, Deborah. We harvest, create, make and even bottle. Dreymans Cider's are made from 100% pure apple juice! Using our own hand-picked apples and pressed with our state of the art mill and belt press. Each cider has its own authentic taste, just as nature intended. With crisp and fruity flavours. Free from artificial sweeteners, colours and taste altering chemicals

Our ancient orchard is free from harmful chemical, fertilizers and pesticides. Truly natural.

Homegrown Hunnys Meadery reintroduces the world's oldest beverage. But with an exciting twist. With tongue teasing flavours. They're simply "Bee-licious" and fabulous fruity in cocktails too.

Working harmoniously with nature. We have our own bee hives! Here they buzz around pollinating our apple blossoms, happily fattening up on nectar. Safeguarding our apple crops for cider production. Every bottle of Homegrown Hunnys Mead and Dreymans Cider supports our orchard's ecosystem, bee colonies and biodiversity. And, of course you get the pleasures of drinking our ciders and meads too!

All available to purchase in our Osoliving showroom. We also hold a huge array of traditional drinking vessels. From tankards, glassware to finest goblets. Even XLarge cork stools. Come down and have a look!

-Osoliving, Main Road, Nutbourne PO18 8XA